you guys! we made a pizza!


Boyfriend and I made the most delicious homemade pizza. Like holy shit.

Let me tantalize you:
• garlic & herb crust (Trader Joe’s)
• pizza sauce
• caramelized onions
• fresh mushrooms
• BBQ meatballs (my side)
• rosemary chicken (my side)
• Italian sausage (Boyfriend’s)
• fresh mozz
• lots of cheese


All of this damn Arctic-esque weather has led to days off of work, which I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of, and tomorrow is one more of those days (we’ve had 3 thus far). The district has decided that student programming is canceled but staff are to report.

The fuck?!

I plan on showing up in yoga pants, sans boob jail. Oh, and I’m leaving early. I have an “appointment” aka nap time. That’s right… Nap time: one of the most important parts of the day.


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