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this is how i sunday.

Ah Sundays… I love ’em and I hate ’em… 


brunch, sleeping in, naps, mimosas, Irish coffees, lunch dates, cleaning, snuggling, sunshine (usually), reading in said sunshine, walks, going to the dog park, planning and organizing for the week ahead, drives (obviously if you don’t live in the snowy tundra), old movies


Monday is the next day.


Such a love/hate relationship, but at least the good outweighs the bad, right? Right.

I’m down for some thoughts on additional Sunday activities! I love to try new things. xo

What a busy week I have had. I’ve been putting together a Pinterest account to collect my ideas, inspirations, whimsies, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Seeing as how I am sooooo new to this whole blog thing, I thought Pinterest could really help me out! We shall see where this takes us.

We spent our Valentine’s-slash-President’s Day weekend roughing it at the cabin in good ol’ Grand Rapids, Minnesota. It’s our happy place; Boyfriend and I both wish we could live there year-round. We both dream of having a farm in pretty much the middle of nowhere and being as self-sufficient as we can.

Le sigh…

I need to focus on my upcoming trip to France! It will be in exactly one month from tomorrow! I ordered the CUTEST bag to be my personal item or whatever. SO FUCKING CUTE:

I’ve been pinning things about traveling in Europe and efficient packing and whatnot. I’m kinda learning a lot! It is making me reeeeeeally want to do more overseas traveling, but I think I just need to focus on this trip. I tend to get a little too excited…

Welp. Bedtime is upon me. Time to have a cup of chamomile and lavender tea.

Bonne nuit!

hoot hoot hike

Ahhhhh Sunday… 

Definitely one of my favorite days of the week. Sundays are perfect for naps, sleeping in, brunch, more naps… you get the idea. But today is not a typical Sunday here in ‘Merica, is it?

The answer is NO.

It’s “Super Bowl Sunday” today. I could care less about the football, but I usually love the commercials. However, we don’t have cable in our new apartment soooo I can’t watch those commercials. Or the “Puppy Bowl.” I always seem to miss that, even when we had cable…

I chose to celebrate “Superb Owl Sunday” today because basically, owls are the shit. I’m a (new-as-of-xmas) member to the fantastic National Audubon Society and basically all I’m going to tell you is you need to check out their article about it (I’ll post it below).


You HAVE to watch the Colbert Report’s coverage of “Superb Owl Sunday:”–barred-owls—david-yarnold

Check out Audubon Magazine’s article and realize what you probably missed out on…