hoot hoot hike

Ahhhhh Sunday… 

Definitely one of my favorite days of the week. Sundays are perfect for naps, sleeping in, brunch, more naps… you get the idea. But today is not a typical Sunday here in ‘Merica, is it?

The answer is NO.

It’s “Super Bowl Sunday” today. I could care less about the football, but I usually love the commercials. However, we don’t have cable in our new apartment soooo I can’t watch those commercials. Or the “Puppy Bowl.” I always seem to miss that, even when we had cable…

I chose to celebrate “Superb Owl Sunday” today because basically, owls are the shit. I’m a (new-as-of-xmas) member to the fantastic National Audubon Society and basically all I’m going to tell you is you need to check out their article about it (I’ll post it below).


You HAVE to watch the Colbert Report’s coverage of “Superb Owl Sunday:”


Check out Audubon Magazine’s article and realize what you probably missed out on…



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