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how was your day?

What a fucking FROSTBITEY day… Mother-of-PEARL! it was cold! But like I said last night, staff are expected to report. What did I do?


I woke up and made pancakes for Boyfriend and myself.
I did some motherlovin’ yoga.
I read some of my book (currently reading: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie).
I had a great hair day.
I brought Dog with me!

He was so happy to meet all the new people. I put some fresh extra crunchy peanut butter in his bone and off to school we went! We almost froze to death on the walk from my car to the door, but luckily we made it. He had a good day and so did I. I left early for my “appointment” and took a fantastic nap with the sun shining in our room and everything. Just beautiful.

We’re getting another cold day tomorrow and staff are expected to report again. So glad it’s my week to park in the Underground. So nice and warm. I’m bringing Dog again but we are leaving so early.


I may just sleep in tomorrow. fuck it.